Canyon Freestyle MTB Qualifications – Final Results

The MTB qualifications  just went down! Riders from Spain, Germany, France came over to participate and it was great to see everybody pushing to get into the finals!

Here the first 10 riders:

  1. Rémy Carra
  2. Ludwig Jäger
  3. Nicolas Kroffig
  4. Joan Montes Muela
  5. Yannick Trevisan
  6. Loris Farlotti
  7. Max Wassmund
  8. Jannik Pertz
  9. Diego Solans
  10. Ramon Piky Piky
Due to unfortunate weather conditions the qualifications were considered the finals! We discovered some new talent out there. It’s just great to see how everybody pushed them selves to the next level!
The weather was not as everybody hoped for with a few raindrops but we still managed to pull up with a great show here at the Pancratiusplein in Heerlen, Limburg.
Rémy Carra, the winner of today’s competition, did a transfer quarter to quarter with a huge gap and with barspin that really impressed te judges. The crowd cheered loudly and he finished it of with a flair on the quarterpipe.
A big applause for the three winners who gain the podium:
  1. Rémy Carra
  2. Ludwig Jäger
  3. Nicolas Kroffig

MTB qualifications results