World Cup Skateboarding: Qualification Results| Pro Freestyle The Hague 2017

We have finished the qualifications of the Pro Freestyle World Cup Skateboarding. We had 40 competitors from around the world divided into 6 heats. 25 of those riders made the cut for semi’s. The level of skating was incredible, outstanding performances from riders like Rob Maatman who qualified 1st, and Scott Decenzo, Joao Lucas Alves, Luiz Neto. The top 25 riders will join the pre-qualified riders in the semi’s tomorrow divided into 3 heats. The pre-qualified riders are top ranked world event riders. We also have the girls skate contest on tomorrow, and the AM Skateboarders, who aren’t pro yet but are definitely heading into that direction!

Here are the full results:

1 Rob Maatman
2 João Lucas Alves
3 Luiz Neto
4 Scott DeCenzo
5 Vinicius Santos
6 Woody Hoogendijk
7 Trevor Cappon
8 Simon Striker
9 Benedikt Schmidt
9 Evandro Martins
11 Joe Hinson
12 Kevin Tshala
13 Tim Zom
13 Adrien Bullard
15 Florian Westers
16 Adrian Hirt
17 Paul Galeili
18 Kevin Vu
18 Lenny Pfeiffer
20 Charlie Verboven
20 Luca Hendriks
22 Bart Buikman
22 Pascal Moulaert
24 Douwe Macaré
25 Magic van Heeswijk

26 Mano Wolf
27 Jip Koorevaar
28 Martin Huppertz
29 Mika Möller
30 Lars de Weerd
31 Ash Challis
32 Arturs Nesaule
33 Luigi Ribeiro
34 Hendrik Kaczmarek

Full qualifier results CLICK HERE


Photo’s by Flat Spot Mag