World Cup Skateboarding: Pro Final Results | Pro Freestyle The Hague 2017

Out of almost 50 riders from around the world top 10 guys made it into finals. We had riders from Russia, USA, Brazil, Zcech Republic and more. The best guys were performing some of the most difficult tricks on all obstacles. This event was run with the system of introduction run combined with organized trick jam. The best guys were Brazilian Vinicius Santos, he had some of the most difficult combinations and technical switch tricks. Maxime Habanec with his 360flip to 5050 on a round rail. Lucas Alves from Brazil who is the winner of the past Skateboard World Cup in Paris and a 3rd place winner in the STU Open in Rio de Janeiro, which was the biggest skate event in southern America to this date. All and all this was a great contest!

Photos from the final

Here are the full results:

1. Vinicius Santos
2. Maxime Habanec
3. Lucas Alves
4. João Lucas Alves
5. Maxim Kruglov
6. Martin Pek
7. Trevor Cappon
8. Rob Maatman
9. Scott DeCenzo
10. Evandro Martins

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