World Cup Skateboarding Girls: Qualification Results| Pro Freestyle The Hague 2017

We think that if one thing was clear during the Girls Qualifications skate contest, it is that girls rule!! These girls do not play it safe and it paid off, the level incredible and the crowd was loving it. Two strong heats with some international riders present. It was Julia Brueckler who was looking confident and strong, this earned her a first place qualification for the final later today! top 5 advance to final.

Here are the full results:
1 Julia Brueckler
2 Roos Zwetsloot
3 Candy Jacobs
4 Keet Oldenbeuving
5 Lea Schater
6 Iris Besseling
7 Sarah de Laet
8 Dora Horvath
9 Joƫlle Ducaneaux
10 Marielle Remijnse DNS

Girls full results