UCI BMX Freestyle Final Results

It was an unforgettable final here this afternoon at the UCI BMX Freestyle Final! Congratulations to the winners!

Michael Beran managed to win his 3rd Pro Freestyle with tricks like the flip double tailwhip. He also went for the flip triple tailwhip during the Best Trick contest but Jeremy Malott managed to beat him for best trick with a 360 double whip to barspin!
Incredible riding from all riders, Jeremy with amazing amplitude and big tricks. Tom van de Bogaard with his signature 360 triple downwhip, and overall smooth style.

The girls level was also on a all time high! with smooth style, high airs and good flow. Charlotte Worthinsn took the win with effortless riding and big flips and flairs.

1. Michael Beran
2. Jeremy Malott
3. Tom van den Bogaard
4. Harry Boucher

Best Trick: Jeremy Malott – 360 double whip to barspin

1. Charlotte Worthinson
2. Katherine Diaz
3. Shanice Silva Cruz
4. Nazarena Perez

Best Trick: Shanice Silva Cruz – Frontflip

UCI BMX Freestyle Full Results

Photos: Halux Visions