Teaser: World Cup Skateboarding 2017

Press release May 2, 2017

First World Cup Skateboarding in the Netherlands since 2007

The Netherlands will have a world cup skateboarding event again during Pro Freestyle The Hague 2017.

On Friday and Saturday June 2nd and 3rd skaters from all over the world can compete on this double point event. This world cup event is the weekend after the Far ‘n High World Cup Skateboarding in Paris.

The Dutch organizers, Pro Freestyle, will bring the official world cup to the biggest beach they have: The Hague. Over 13 million tourists visit The Hague beach every year and the boulevard is a well-known street spot. The world cup will take place in the The Hague Beach Stadium. This beach stadium is located on the beach, near the North Sea (of course, no fish or sand are allowed on course). The beach stadium has a capacity of 2.000 seats for the best view in town. Tickets are available here

Contest info
Purse: € 9.000
Course: street & park mixed (27,5x40m)
Registration: send email to skate@profreestyle.nl
World Cup: double point event, check

2016 event

Last year the Pro Freestyle skate contest was won by Maxime Kruglov and Netherlands own pro Sewa Kroetkov won best trick with a nollie verial flip noseslide bigspin out.

Watch the 2016 photos and video with Maxime and Sewa here

Confirmed athletes are Maxime Kruglov, Adrien Bulard, Tim Zom, Douwe Macare, Woody Hoogendijk, Fries Taillieu and many more following soon.

General info
World Cup Skateboarding
The Hague Pro Freestyle Beach 2017
June 2-3, 2017
The Hague Beach Stadium