Skateboard Street Sponsored: Results | Pro Freestyle Heerlen-Limburg 2017

The skateboarders finally got lucky with the weather and the sun came out! Absolutely amazing riding from both the Non Sponsored and Sponsored riders! It was Rob Maatman who knew how to impress the judges and took first place! Belgian rider Kevin Tshala managed to skate himself into 2nd place with some very impressive riding! Laurens Willems took 3rd place and also Best Trick with a Crooked grind nollie-flip. Another rider worth mentioning is Roos Zwetsloot who is a very brave young lady because she was the only girl competing today!

Here is your top 10:
1. Rob Maatman
2. Kevin Tshala
3. Laurens Willems
4. Charlie Verboven
5. Hans de Keyser
6. Ewoud Breukink
7. Woody Hoogendijk
8. Ziggy Govaerts
9. Tjerk Oosting
10. Jay de Keijzer

Best Trick: Laurens Willems – Crooked grind nollie-flip