Rollerblade® Inline Skate Open: Results | Pro Freestyle Heerlen-Limburg 2017

​Because of the rainy weather conditions the contest was moved to Sunday. But with some more weather delays we managed to pull a 1 run contest together. This didn’t kill the riders motivation as they were still going hard, like Jelle Briggeman’s circus act, he was doing banger after banger tricks and some new tricks added to his run, not only did he get 2nd place he also took Best Trick with a Frontflip Rocket. It was Netherlands own Jaro Frijn who took home the win for the 2nd year in a row, impressive riding and a solid run by using the entire park. It was great to have Roman Abrate compete, he always lifts the level of the competition and we appreciate him for always coming out, unfortunately due to the wet conditions he couldn’t ride to his full potential in this 1 run format, nonetheless impressive riding.

Here is your top 3:

1. Jaro Frijn
2. Jelle Briggeman
3. Roman Abrate