Rollerblade® at Pro Freestyle The Hague 2017

At Pro Freestyle The Hague 2017 the entire event you as a visitor can experience the magical flow of Rollerblade® inline skates. At our friends from Rollerblade® you can try out the inline skates at the test center. Or rent a pair and go for a looooong ride over the boulevard.

Saturday June 3 the Rollerblade® Inline Skate Contest will blow your mind with the following riders.

Roman Abrate
Nils Rinus
Francis Ali
Calvin Van Vliet
Marvin Dean
Sem Croft
Robin Kerkhof
Randy Zoller
Jelle Briggeman
Erik Droogh
Roberts Ludans
Bob Scheer
Rob Pruett
Jaro Frijn
Tom Van Hemert
Rodney van der burg
Luca Gobbo
Jeremy Kesler
Davie Nijenbrink
Donny Stuabe
Giovanni Peterle
Bjorn Elias
Valters Grasmanis
Rainers Spirgis