Results DAY 2: Element Skate Pro Contest

The results are in! Today we had a very international field of skateboarders and the level was insanely high!

6 riders made it to the final we had a surprising format; skate till you drop, while the next rider drops in. Alex Decunha, all the way from the UK came in 3rd place with spectacular tricks like bennihana late shuvits and judo airs over the big box, Maxime Kruglov all the way from Russia came in second killing the course with hardflip back lipslides and big transfers and Fries Taillieu from Belgium just destroyed the course!

After a full line of at least 20 tricks like big 360 flips to flat and kickflip cooked grind down the big hubba it was clear he took 1st place! Maxime Kruglov took the first place in the Element Best Trick contest with kickflip bs noseblunt. 

1 Fries Taillieu
2 Maxime Kruglov
3 Alex Decunha
4 Adrien Bulard
5 Kevin Thsala
6 Douwe Macare
7 Leon Wolters
8 Rick Holtvluwer
9 Charlie Verboven
10 Woody Hoogendijk
11 Hans de Keijzer
12 Chris Belling
13 Pascal Moelaert
14 Paul Gallelli
15 Joe Hinson
16 Alexandre Crevel
17 Magic van Heeswijk
18 Leander Geelhoed
19 Casper Verheijen
20 Michal Mazurkiewicz
21 Marley Baron


Best Trick Maxime Kruglov

Kickflip backside noseblunt






IMG_8353 IMG_8350 IMG_8343 IMG_8334 IMG_8327 IMG_8316 IMG_8315 IMG_8312 IMG_8307 IMG_8304 IMG_8279 IMG_8277 IMG_8273 IMG_8269 IMG_8266 IMG_8264 IMG_8258 IMG_8251 IMG_8233 IMG_8231 IMG_8227 IMG_8224 IMG_8204 IMG_8202 IMG_8200 IMG_8199 IMG_8189 IMG_8184 IMG_8183 IMG_8173 IMG_8163 IMG_8143 IMG_8142 IMG_8141 IMG_8139 IMG_8136 IMG_8135 IMG_8131 IMG_8128 IMG_8127 IMG_8121 IMG_8115 IMG_8105 IMG_8103 IMG_8099 IMG_8095 IMG_8093 IMG_8091 IMG_8077 IMG_8073 IMG_8068 IMG_8066 IMG_8063 IMG_8061 IMG_8059 IMG_8053 IMG_8048 IMG_8044 IMG_8040 IMG_8039 IMG_8033 IMG_8031 IMG_8030 IMG_8028 IMG_8022 IMG_8021 IMG_8017 IMG_8007 IMG_8006 IMG_7998 IMG_7989 IMG_7988 IMG_7983 IMG_7982 IMG_7980 IMG_7978 IMG_7977 IMG_7975 IMG_7970 IMG_7965