Results day 1: Element Skate Contest AM+Women

Today we did the kick-off of Pro Freestyle Festival 2016 in Heerlen with the women and amateur Element skateboard contest.

We kept it dry and the skating was on fire. Charlie Verboven, with 14 years of age, took the 1st place in the amateur contest and won the Element Best Trick with a heelflip frontside boardslide to fakie on the flatbar.

Candy Jacobs won 1st place with the women contest, Roos Zwetsloot took IBA Best Rookie and Emma Lindgren all the way from Sweden took third.

Charlie Verboven is automatically qualified for the Pro contest tomorrow and so is the Wildcard winner Filip Mandzuk who came all the way from Poland to be with us for the 1st edition of Pro Freestyle in Heerlen!

Tomorrow we start practice at 3 o’clock followed by the pro qualification at 5pm. See you tomorrow!


1 Charlie Verboven > Pro
2 Filip Mandzuk > Pro
3 Kelvin Werst
4 Fabian Gürer
5 Tim Kreukels
6 Timo van de Wiel
7 Damien van de Broek
8 Kevin Weckseler
9 Dwayne Nsafoah
BT Charlie Verboven Heelflip frontside boardslide fakie op de flatbar

Wildcard to Pro

Filip Mandzuk

IBA Best Rookie 

Charlie Verboven


1 Candy Jacobs
2 Roos Zwetsloot
3 Emma Lindgren
BT | Candy Jacobs Kickflip over de rail

IBA Best Rookie

Roos Zwetsloot