RESULTS DAY 4: Inline Contest

Even though we had a late start today due to the weather, the inline finals were on fire.
The rain wasn’t able to stop us from getting it done, we cleaned up the course and started off with the 10 finalists. The level was super high and we all had a great time, especially Jaro Frijn (15) who won the competition! Followed by Sem Croft in second and Rik van Huik in the third place.
Rik van Huik also won the best trick contest with huge 720 transfer out of the course. We want to thank all the riders, all staff and the crowd for being there with us. We hope to see you all back at the next stop in The Hague 25-28 august. 
Jaro Frijn
Sem Croft
Rik van Huik
Bobi Spassov
Levi van Rijn
Best trick
Rik van Huik


IMG_9143 IMG_9141 IMG_9140 IMG_9139 IMG_9133 IMG_9131 IMG_9128 IMG_9125 IMG_9124 IMG_9122 IMG_9120 IMG_9119 IMG_9117 IMG_9115 IMG_9112 IMG_9108 IMG_9107 IMG_9102 IMG_9101 IMG_9096 IMG_9095 IMG_9093 IMG_9092 IMG_9088 IMG_9087 IMG_9086 IMG_9084 IMG_9082 IMG_9081 IMG_9078 IMG_9077 IMG_9074 IMG_9071 IMG_9070 IMG_9067 IMG_9065 IMG_9064 IMG_9062 IMG_9056