RESULTS DAY 3: Quali Inline Contest

Today was a good day! Even though the day started of with rain, that quickly turned into sunshine. With help from the judges the course dried up quickly and we were ready to go.

The Young rider from Katwijk called Levi van Rijn was the best performer of the day, he has showed us some creative tricks with a smooth style.

Tomorrow is the final and thats when the real tricks are going down, so you better show up to watch this amazing show.

Our top 3 has Levi van Rijn on the first place, quickly followed by Jaro Frijn and in 3rd we have Sem Croft. Stop by and enjoy the big show of tomorrow! We can’t wait!

Riding in the finals on Sunday 3 July 14:00 – 16:00

1 Levi van Rijn
2 Jaro Frijn
3 Sem Croft
4 Rik van Huik
5 Jelle Briggeman
6 Bobi Spassov
7 Randy Zoller
8 Rodney van den Burg
9 Tom van Hemert

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