RESULTS DAY 3: BMX Street contest

For the first time in years the best BMX Street riders from the Netherlands and Belgium were in battle on a specially designed street course. With Anthony Perrin and Leon Hoppe joining the contest we had all the ingredients to for an epic contest.

The biggest surprise of the contest was Rodrique Timellini. Rodrique’s nosemanuel skills and railride tricks lead him to 3rd place. Rodrique landed an uprailride to truckdriver, he won best trick for that.

2nd place went to trick machine Leon Hoppe. No trick or combo too hard for Leon. Highlight of his run was the perfectly landed uprail double barspin.

The absolute winner of the first edition Pro Freestyle BMX Street Contest was Anthony Perrin. Anthony has the perfect combination of technical and banger tricks. From railride combos to 180 barspin drops, all executed in style.

Best rookie award went to Zeelands proud Kimo van Hulst. Kimo walked away with a brand new Oakely sunglasses. No doubt we will hear from him again.

The first edition of the Pro Freestyle BMX Street Contest in Heerlen Limburg was a huge success. We can’t wait for the The Hague contest which will be held from 25-28 August.

Anthony Perrin
Leon Hoppe
Rodrigue Timellini
Jack Nieraeth
Niels Mertens
Thijs Vervaeck
Milan Baars
Chiel Rieks
Stef de Backer
levi weidmann
Bart van der kamp
alex vantomme
Kimo hulst
Marcus Brecknir
Benoit van de Geuchte
Anne Hofsink
Quirien Hazenwijer
Sander van eck
Best Trick
Rodrigue Timellini
Best Rookie
Kimo van Hulst

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