MTB FMB Park: Results | Pro Freestyle Heerlen-Limburg 2017

​BOOM! What a way to open this awesome last day for us! These guys killed it in the MTB FMB Park Contest!
Even though we had some bad luck with the weather conditions the MTB riders still managed to get a full contest going! Impressive riding from our top riders! They turned it into a spectacular show. It was Remy Carra with his Flip to Double bars who not only got him into 1st place it also won the Best Trick! We were happy to see riders compete from all over Europe, we even had a Russian rider who came out just to compete in this Pro Freestyle MTB Park contest!

Here are the results:

1. Remy Carra
2. Nicolas Terrier
3. Nicolas Kroffig
Best Trick: Remy Carra – Backflip double bar