MTB FMB Park Contest: Final Results | Pro Freestyle The Hague 2017

It was a very succesful day for our MTB Riders. The sun was shining and the vibes were good.
The riders showed incredible tricks, like Alex Cahill who took home the Best Trick with a 360 Tailwhip to barspin!
We hope to see you all back at Pro Freestyle in Heerlen!

FUll Results:

1.Daniel Wedemeijer
2. Remy Carra
3. Loek Quaedflieg
4. Joan Montes Muela
5. Alex Cahill
6. Nicolas Kroffig
7. Roy van Caekenbergh
8. Mirko Hendriksen
9. Vinnie Janssens
10. Pascal Jäger
11. Joey van den Berg
12. Kristaps Ručevskis

FMB WT Full Results