MADD Gear® Scoot Open: Results | Pro Freestyle Heerlen-Limburg 2017

​Awesome action during the MADD Gear® Scoot Open contest!
After a lot of rain delays and schedule changes the weather cleared up but we changed the format to straight finals. Bart Oskroba took 1st place with very impressive riding, showing the crowd why he is number one!

Here are the finals results:
1. Bart Oskroba
2. Leo Spencer
3. Jamie Addison
4. Maciek Pietras
5. Malte Blum
6. Daan Melis
7. Luke Schoonus
8. Nathanael West
9. Marcello Verbeek
10. Jop Jelmsa

We also have a top 3 AM Riders!
1. Marcello Verbeek
2. Julian van der Kroon
3. Jesse Bust

Best Trick: Bart Oskroba – Fingerwhip nothing front scooterflip to barspin