Madd Gear® Scoot Contest: AM Quali Results | Pro Freestyle The Hague 2017

The Scoot contest is underway and we started out with the AM Contest.
The level was very high for a AM contest, we had about 40 riders!
We also have some international riders present, they managed to ride themselves into tomorrows final.
Next up is the Pro contest later today!

Madd Gear® Scoot Contest: AM Quali Results

1. Jayden Scharman
2. Nils Schippers
3. Gijs Lucius
4. Peter Snoek
5. Alexandre Bulsa
6. Boris Witlox
7. Marcello Verbeek
8. Cas Wezenberg
9. Robin Fraaien
10. Niels Carnelas
11. Victor van Lent
12. Tristan Dijkstra
13. Julian van der Kroon
14. Rico Troost
15. Shaun kerry

Full Results Here

Photos by Aron Suveg Photography