ISA EU Scoot Final by Madd Gear Results

These riders never disappoint! What an incredible final here during the ISA EU Scoot Final by Madd Gear! Congratulations to the winners and especially to our European Champion!

1. Jordan Clark
2. Archie Cole
3. Dante Hutchinson
4. Jordan Hall
5. Leo Spencer
6. Bart Oskroba
7. Soly Bloomfield
8. Timon Kunze
9. Indy Clayson
10. Tim Köhler

Well deserved first place by Jordan Clark!
Jordan went crazy with tricks like 540 flairs – front flip – inward flair inward etc.
Second place Archie Cole, who also killed it! And in 3rd we have leading world champion Dante Hutchinson!

ISA EU Scoot Final by Madd Gear Full Results