Interview: Thomas van Bemmelen

Another year, another Pro Freestyle 
Yes!! I’m really looking forward to his weekend, the event is good organised and the hospitality in Limburg is always good!

We all know you as a MC in action sports, but you used to skate?
It all started over 15 years ago, I was riding demonstrations and the MC didn’t knew te names of the tricks. So I took over the mic and after a couple of years I was announcing demo’s, contests in different sports! Since 2007 I started doing more and more bigger events in so many sports! I did al lot of Dutch Championships like snowboarding, inline skating, wakeboarding, freestyle scoot and kite surfing in the last years.

I’m also a commentator for Eurosport and Ziggo sports for all kinds of action sports mostly snowboarding and freestyle ski. So you’ve might have heard me on TV 🙂

So much to see, so much to do… right?

The program is packed!! I’m looking forward to every contest of course, the event is so big, ther are parties and a so much side events like arts, music, clinics, a pumptrack ride.. Great to see that the event is growing and added three new sports; BMX flatland, inline skating and freestyle scoot. I’m also looking forward to see al the atletes!!

Action sports lovers in Limburg may know you right?
The people in Limburg are amazing crowd! From 2011 till 2013 Red Bull Crashed Ice was held in Limburg and it was a blast! For al the people visiting the event, make some noise for the riders, they will go higher!!

One last shout out?

See you all this weekend! Let’s have a chat and some beers!

Shout out to Martijn en DJ for all their effort and of course my MC colleagues for this weekend Bram and Egon, lets go!


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