Interview: Michael Beran (BMX Park)

Ahoj Michael!

Lets begin with the end: world first at Pro Freestyle The Hague 2016! Please tell us a little bit more (see video below). 

I pulled this trick 3 years ago, but not on a contest… When they said “Michael its your last trick” I just searched in my mind what I havent showed until then and I choose this… I took sometime to figure it out how to throw barspin after bikeflip, but now it is easier. Im still pretty surprised that nobody have repeat it yet 😀

At Pro Freestyle The Hague 2015 you did the hand plant in the spine. What is it about this trick for you? We have seen it in 2016 Heerlen edition also.

Well I am always into different tricks which not many people do. I think just me as well as Andy Buckworth from Australia who are doing this trick. It was hard to learn, but its worth it…

You will ride Pro Freestyle 2017 in the The Hague Beach Stadium (we are looking forward). What do you expect and do you already have something special in mind?

Yes I am going to be there for sure! I have some bikeflip variations which I have done before, but they are a bit harder than the previous one… so I hope it will gonna work 🙂

During Pro Freestyle The Hague 2016 we saw a couple of short clips with some special technique where a can of Red Bull was playing an important role. How many times did you tried that? How did you came on these ideas? Got more of this coming up?

Haha… I just tried to kill some time before contest. So I decide to film this funny clips and it worked. That clip with the bike took me like 30 mins for sure…

Well since I am not Red Bull athlete anymore, I will have to figure it out something new…

We will help you: beach, sand, sea… try something with that!

Some last words for all the Dutch fans?

Don’t forget to bring board shorts and bikinis for tha beach! 😉