Interview: MC Egon

A new face or should we say new voice at Pro Freestyle?

Definitely! I already MC’d here in Heerlen for a small contest where a friend asked me if I was up for “something bigger”. One thing led to another and when the organisation e-mailed me, I was jumping in joy with my laptop. It’s a bit like looking forward to Christmas, only the tree is an action sports event and the presents are the crowd and the riders! But no snow, please, let’s keep that to the guys in Landgraaf.

A Christmas tree with it roots in action sports, tell us a little more

It all started with trashing a pony bike while jumping a curb, then I saved up some money to buy my first BMX, a Wethepeople Bold. I used to be a local at the Impact/Newpact skatepark in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium and that’s what got me in touch with all kinds of riders.

Where do we know MC Egon from?

I became the MC at the Belgian championship in Hasselt (BBO or BMX Playtime). And that’s how most people already know me. One thing led to another and I also MC’d at the Wild Night Contest in Lille and the 040 Invitational Spine ramp contest in Eindhoven this year, which were both awesome!

Sooo much to do with 7 contests, art and photo’s, parties, what are you doing besides MC’ing?

Well, it’s no secret I’m hyped for the BMX contests. But with Pier 15 and 040 BMX Park making the ramps, I expect every discipline to be amazing. When I’m not MC’ing, you can probably see me at the skate contest, the bar or trying to steal your girl. And don’t hesitate to have a chat with me in between or after the contests, I might buy you a drink.

People in Limburg like to party, how can you facilitate that?

In case you don’t know, I got my master degree in “partying hard” while I was on Erasmus and I also have a PhD in starting parties. And in case the Belgians are still in the EURO 2016 by then, there’s gonna be a hell of a party! I expect everyone in the moshpit at the afterparty with DJ M!ke Rock on Sunday.

A few last words online, before we hear you on course?

I’d already like to thank the Pro Freestyle crew for inviting me and giving me this chance. I expect the crowd to be loud and crank it to 11! And if the DJ plays Pennywise’s “Bro Hymn”, you’re supposed to sing along!


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