Interview: Daniel Wedemeijer (BMX)


How are you doing? What is happening at the moment? Projects? Contests? 

Doing great actually! I have had a rough winter with a surgery on my shoulder and 6 months of rehab. But I am back on the bike and ready for the contest season. Besides that lots of projects. Just did an awesome trip to Bali with Rodivision. Video will be released soon.

We have to confess something: you are also the athlete who has the best photo results: in 2015 and 2016. Always stylish. Tell us a little bit more how you do that every time! 

Well I have to say that it’s not just me… I have seen a lot of great photos in the 2015/2016 edition. I think I have been lucky with being on the right spot at the perfect time together with the photographer. And maybe it also helps a bit that I am trying to use the course in a “different” way.

You may be the athlete who competed in the most contests at Pro Freestyle: BMX, MTB… Like riding for the home crowd? 

Oh Yeahs! Riding in front of your home crowd is always special. But this hasn’t got something to do with riding the mtb freestyle contest too. I just love riding bikes in general and when I found out there was a park mtb contest I just couldn’t resist. 

You will ride Pro Freestyle 2017 in the The Hague Beach Stadium (we are looking forward). What do you expect and do you already have something special in mind? We have seen some buildings to jump from… 

There is always special things on my mind but those mostly come at the moment I walk up to the course. That’s the moment I see transfer, things to jump on and all the other crazy things. I have been in the stadium ones before and this will be an amazing spot to ride a bmx contest in. Let the party begin!

Some last words for all the Dutch fans? 

If you haven’t been to ProFreestyle yet make sure to bring a visit this year! Allround good vibes and amazing riding from lots of international riders.