Dutch Championships Freerun: Final Results | Pro Freestyle The Hague 2017

The Dutch Championships Freerunning were a great succes once again! With almost 90 competirors from every corner of The Netherlands. It was a very excited contest till the end! The International judges had to discuss for quite some time, and the crowned Tyrone Paas as Dutch Champion Freerunning 2017.

Dutch Championships Freerun: Final Results

Top 10 results:

1. Thyrone Paas
2. Bart van der Linden
3. Luciano Balestra
4. Kevin Hoving
5. Nino Wallaart
6. Twan Nieboer
7. Xem van Driel
8. Kevin Alsemgeest
9. Patrick Aliev
10. Koen Arts

Young Talent:

Joued Slabbekoorn

Best Female:
Saskia Neville

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