Day 4: MTB Park AM and Pro Contest Finals Results

These guys know what it takes to make the MTB Finals worth watching and how to entertain a crowd. And entertain they did, the level of this contest was sky high, which made all the riders rise above their own riding skills. For the Pro Contest it was Remy Carra who took home the win with a score of 90,67 with tricks like the backflip nohander to bar! Followed closely by Netherlands own Daniel Wedemeijer who scored 90,33 and showed some amazing flow throughout the course. Daniel is actually a BMX Park Pro rider who enjoys the occasional MTB Contest, let’s say he might have some secret talent there. In third place was Alex Cahill who travelled from the UK just to take part in this contest and to show us big tricks like the Lazy Decade, his score was a 88,33.

In the AM contest it was Giano Vacca who showed some amazing skills in his first time riding a MTB Contest and already coming out on top! Followed by Maximilian Schneider, who had a whole bag of tricks like the 180 barspin fakie. And in third place was Vinnie Janssens who impressed the judges with a clifhanger.

Best Trick was won by Alex Cahill with a 360 Barspin to tailwhip.

MTB Park Pro Results:

Remy Carra 90,67
Daniel Wedemeijer 90,33
Alex Cahill 88,33
Loek Quaedflieg 87,00
Nicolas Kroffig 84,33
Giano Vacca 82,00
Joan Montes Muela 78,33
Ramon Piquer Guaita 78,00
Kevin Meyer 68,67
Maximilian Schneider 64,33
Morgan Dupontreue 59,33

MTB Park AM Results:

Giano Vacca 77,67
Maximilian Schneider 73,67
Vinnie Janssens 69,00
Juul Criens 68,67
Sebastian Schneider 68,33
Nils Lachmann 67,33
Kristaps Rucevskis 58,33
Roy van Caekenbergh 57,33
Maaren Quist 51,67
Bentz Guillaume 49,00
Joey van den Berg 46,33
Mani Lauscher 0,00

MTB Park Pro Overall Results:

Remy Carra 200
Daniel Wedemeijer 180
Nicolas Kroffig 154
Loek Quaedflieg 139
Ramon Piquer Guaita 131
Joan Montes Muela 129
Alex Cahil 82
Tom Pfeiffer 77
Giano Vacca 67
Alessandro Izzo 59
Max Wasshuth 54
Kevin Meyer 54
Sven Hermann 49
Maximilian Schneider 49
Morgan Dupontreue 44