Day 4: MADD Gear Scoot Pro Contest Finals Results

The entire scoot event can be translated into one word, ”BANGERS!!!”
Backflips till backlibs everything has been done…
Amateurs were very active with lots of flips and thats why Jaden Scharman took 1st place.
Even the streeters killed it and took home the best trick done by Remi Ravia. He decided to go the opposite way towards the ledge than where it was meant for, and rode the upledge and gapped the bank with an oppo 360.
At the pro’s there were more technical tricks, dubble flips, flip drops and dubble pegs “aka dubble swag”.
First place was easily to tell, with no doubt Bart Oskroba. 
Best trick was an dubble backflip with an dubble tailwhip done by the one, the only, Jamie Hull!
See you guys next year! Thanks to Madd Gear for supporting the scoot contest at Pro Freestyle 2016.
Full results below:
1. Jayden Scharman
2. Koen van Belle
3. Marcello Verbeek
4. Huub Dijkgraaf
5. Gijs Lucius
6. Remi Ravia (best trick winner)
7. Tim Kerkhof
8. Tristan Dijkstra
9. Niels de Nier
10. Ramon Wispelweij
11. Jelle Bokelmann
12. Noah Cinjee
13. Jordi Langenberg
14. Justin Biggerlaar
15. Marc Osterman
16. Peter Snoek
17. Jairo van Barneveld
18. Djurre Bolman
19. Milan Hagen
1. Bart Oskroba
2. Nathan Churchill
3. Luke Churchill
4. Jamie Hull
5. Daan Melis
6. Jayden Scharman (AM WINNER)
7. Bence Chlumetzy
8. Timon van den Kamp
9. Collin Eerhart
10. Boris Witlox
11. Henkjan Schollaart
12. Max Snijders
13. Bart van Linschoten
14. Ot Gersen
15. Robert Buitendijk
16. Alexandre Bulsa
17. Luuk Schoonus