Day 4: Inline Contest Finals Results

These guys were throwing banger after banger during the Inline Contest Finals! We had a great day of skating, with 10 international riders in the finals who each got 2 runs of one minute and one last trick. Sem Croft took the lead and had the best run of the day, he came in first with an amazing performance, he also took the overall win of the Pro Freestyle Tour. Roman Abrate came in second with some incredible skills. As a last trick he managed to land a world’s first in inline skating a double kangeroo flip! Jaro Frijn was having a great day and it showed in this skating, he came in third and amazed the judges he is the first Dutch guy to ever spin a 1260 and to land it first try! Randy Zoller took the third place in the overall ranking and proved again that he is very talented, with a disaster backside on the rail, he was only one to disaster that huge spot.

Here’s your top 10:
1. Sem Croft
2. Roman Abrate
3. Jaro Frijn
4. Randy Zoller
5. Jelle Briggeman
6. Erik Droogh
7. Antony Pottier
8. Toppo
9. Rodney van der Burg
10. Anthony Aymard

Best Rookie: Rodney van der Burg
Best Trick: Roman Abrate


Profreestyle dag 5 - Halux Visions-1-2

Profreestyle dag 5 - Halux Visions-1-3

Profreestyle dag 5 - Halux Visions-1-4

Profreestyle dag 5 - Halux Visions-1

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