Day 4: BMX Park Contest AM Finals Results

Another crazy Final done here by some super talented guys! Jari Roggeveen took first place with a Backflip over the spine, Big flair from Oakley quarter to Red Bull wall and a tailwhip over the box jump, so a well deserved win! Second place went to Steffen Buyle who knew how to impress the judges with very stylish 360 barspins over the box jump and big fast lines through the course. In third place was Niels van Maren who got the crowd excited with his full bag of tricks like the 360 barspin over jumpbox, high barspin airs, backflip over the jumpbox and a 540 barspin to 180.

Final Results AM Contest
Name Score Country Sponsors
1 Jari Roggeveen 92 NL Pauls Boutique, Sect Clothing
2 Steffen Buyle 89,7 BE
3 Niels van Maren 87,3 NL The Spoked Society
4 Thibault van Roeyen 85,7 BE
5 Albaz Al-Ayyaf 82,7 GR
6 Jean de Lannoy 79 NL
7 Max van Reyten 77 BE The 900 shop, The Scorpion
8 Jio Steffens 76,7 NL Fearless Tattoos
9 Arthur van Velden 76,3 NL
10 Cjaba Sebesy 75,7 NL
11 Joce Vlaenta Arolas Foutes 71,7 SP
12 Tobias van der Linden 71,3 NL Pauls Boutique, Braaab, Egg Helmets
Best Rookie
Name Sponsors
1 Tobias van der Linden NL Pauls Boutique, Braaab, Egg Helmets
Best Trick Contest
Name Sponsors
1 Steffen Buyle NL Pauls Boutique, Braaab, Egg Helmets


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