BMX Street: Final Results | Pro Freestyle The Hague 2017

The BMX Street contest consisted of 37 riders, most of them Dutch and a few surprising guest appearances from the BMX Park contest like Kostya Andreev and Jack Clark. It was Anthony Perrin who took home the win, his riding was extremely technical, he had a lot of different grind combinations, and a huge 360 barspin out of the bank over a rail towards the skatepark. Best trick went to Leon Hoppe for a railride on the curved rail to barspin. Bart van der Kamp was also riding very well with tricks like pegs to 180 bar. Kostya Andreev the BMX Park rider managed to get 3rd place with a flair out of the bench and a double downside tailwhip to fakie.

BMX Street Pro Final Results:

1. Anthony Perrin
2. Niels Mertens
3. Kostya Andreev
4. Bart van der Kamp
5. Frank Nabuurs
6. Rodrigue Timellini
7. Jack Clark
8. Leon Hoppe
9. Milan Baars
10.Laurens Joosten
11. Anne Hofsink
12. Jack Nieraeth

Best trick: Leon Hoppe – Curved rail railride to barspin


Photos Aaron Zwaal

Photos Aron Suveg