BMX Street Contest Results

These guys were on absolute fire today during the BMX Street Contest! Congratulations to the winners!

Amazing riding from Nico van Loon with great style! Big tricks, smooth lines and technical riding from Niels van Loon and Leon Hoppe from Germany took the win with a combination of everything! 4th Place went to our own Joeri Veul!

1. Leon Hoppe
2. Nico van Loon
3. Niels Mertens
4. Joeri Veul
5. Simon de Geyter
6. Louis Brouckaerd
7. Milan Baars
8. Michal Kovacovic

Best Trick: Nico van Loon – Up rail ride to bar spin

BMX Street Final Results

BMX Street Qualification Results

Photos: Halux Visions