BMX Street: Best Trick Railbattle Results | Pro Freestyle Heerlen-Limburg 2017

The weather forced our hands to change the format to a Best Trick Railbattle. These guy’s didn’t let the bad weather get the best of them and still put on a great show!

It was Leon Hoppe who managed to claim that first spot with some incredible riding including his winning trick Railride to bar and others like Uprail to double bar and Uprail to suicide no hander. In 2nd place we have Anthony Perrin who is no stranger to the Pro Freestyle podium, and in 3rd place it was Niels Mertens with tricks like Uprail to hard 360 and Double peg down to hard 360.

Here is your top 3:

  1. Leon Hoppe – Railride to bar⠀
  2. Anthony Perrin – Barspin icepick to easy 180⠀
  3. Niels Mertens – Double peg down to hard 360⠀