BMX Park Pro: Final Results | Pro Freestyle The Hague 2017

What a world class final this was! The level was insanely high, we had Brian Fox doing a 1080 over a spine and a double backflip transfer from the spine to the boxjump landing, this earned him best trick! Other international riders like Kostya Andreev and Jack Clark were on fire today! It was Michael Beran from Czech Republic who took home the win with some overall impressive riding, Michael was also the winner of Pro Freestyle Heerlen 2016, and the Overall winner of Pro Freestyle 2016! Netherlands own Tom van den Bogaard managed to ride himself into 3rd place! Very incredible final!

BMX Park Pro Final Results:

1. Michael Beran
2. Jack Clark
3. Tom van den Bogaard
4. Kostya Andreev
5. Kenneth Tancre
6. Daniel Wedemeijer
7. Ernest Zebolds
8. Kevin Liehn
9.Arjan Ellens
10. Tom Selbeck
11. Brian Fox
12. Sem Kok

Best trick: Brian Fox – Double Flip Transfer