BMX Park AM: Quali Results | Pro Freestyle The Hague 2017

​Another crazy Qualification done here by some super talented guys!
The next generation of BMX Riders is looking promising! It was guys like Jari Roggeveen who impressed the judges doing flairs, and Local Brendan van Leeuwe, but it was Steffen Buyle who qualfied into that first spot because of his 360 double bar and overall impressive stylish riding.

We’re very excited for finals tomorrow at 12:00!

BMX Park AM Qualification results:

1. Steffen Buyle
2. Gunis Atmats
3. Brendan van Leeuwen
4. Jari Roggeveen
5. Niels van Maren
6. Tibo van Roeien
7. Maxime Vautrinot
8. BrentVerbaant
9. Rudolfs Kronlaks
10. Michael Vernimmen
11. Bart van den Broek
12. Timon van de Kamp

Full results click here