BMX Park AM: Final Results | Pro Freestyle The Hague 2017

Amazing action from these young talented riders during the BMX Park AM Finals! It was Maxime Vautrinot who claimed first place, his runs included tricks like backflip barspin over the boxjump and a barspin drop from the subbox, incredible riding! We also saw some awesome doublewhips from different riders. Jari Roggeveen took 2nd place, he started his run with a frontflip and a huge flair transfer. Brendan van Leeuwen won the Best Trick Contest with a brakeless barspin to tap on the subbox! We also want to mention Steffen Buyle who qualified 1st and was riding with incredible style but unfortunately couldn’t get his runs together in the final.

Here are the results:
1. Maxime Vautrinot
2. Jari Roggeveen
3. Gunis Atmats
4. Tibo van Roeien
5. Steffen Buyle
6. Brent Verbaant
7. Brendan van Leeuwen
8. Niels van Maren
9. Bart van den Broek
10. Rudolfs Kronlaks
11. Michael Vernimmen
12. Timon van de Kamp